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Helping customers purchase the best automotive part at the best price, every time. Any make or model of automobile and any part, no matter how small. Engines, transmissions, ECM, Body parts and electronics all O.E.M. Call us we have everything.



Whole Sale Engine Direct was founded by a special group of individuals committed to doing things right when it came to the automotive business. We have mechanics on staff, as well as a network of automotive dismantlers that spans the country, not junk yards but people who dismantle vehicles and warehouse the parts keeping them clean and tested. We sell for PRP yards as well as QRP yards that are certified to sell parts that are up to specifications set by the manufacturers(O.E.M) . As well as being a distributor for the top three re manufactures in the country we also have access to the nations largest automotive parts INVENTORY WHICH lets us  provide whole sale prices at a retail level. With over 30 years in the industry Whole Sale Engines Direct can get you the best part for the best price, every time. 


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Whole Sale engines understands not everyone has the time to pick up the phone and call for quotes. Which is why we make it easy to request a quote online or by emailing 

EMAIL AT wholesaleenginesdirectk.j@gmail.com



Shipping Guidelines

1. All engines and transmissions are tested inspected, and cleaned before they are shipped. This process may take a day at most and ensures that you get a good working part the first time.

2. Shipping time is usually between 3-5 business days. We take our customers time very seriously and work to make every order arrive as quickly as possible. Please take into account your part must be clean and tested before it ships and you will be kept up to date as to the shipping time and tracking number as soon as we get it in.

3. Tracking- Because we must wait for the trucks to pick up your order, then go back to their warehouses and fill the truck up the rest of the way, tracking usually takes a few days before it is active. Just because you don't have a tracking number yet does not mean the order isn't being worked and on its way to you. The shipping companies won't give us an active tracking number until the truck is leaving their warehouse and has been scanned in. Usually, by this time the part has been cleaned tested and picked up from our warehouse by the shipper.

4. An estimated shipping date will be given to you at the time of sale, this is an estimate and as soon as we get an active tracking number you will know exactly when to expect the part. 

Payment Processing/Returns


1. Payment can be made in a variety of ways. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX are all accepted. You may also pay by bank wire transfer, money gram or western union. Checks must be a business check and take longer to process than normal payments, but they are accepted.

2. Processing, most companies will charge you a processing fee up front, or add it to the total price. At Wholesale Engines direct we charge a flat rate of 3 percent processing up to 150$, we do not try to hide this fee as if you request a refund the refund will be minus the processing fee, and we strive to be as honest and upfront as possible in every aspect of our business.

3. Any part can be returned at any time for a refund. We reserve the right to repair, replace, or refund. If a refund is requested during the warranty period and there is a mechanical fault a full refund will be issued. If however, you request a refund without any mechanical issues your refund will be minus shipping costs. As long as we can repair or replace a part during the warranty period you will not be responsible for shipping at all. 




Payment Processing