Terms and Conditions

Wholesale engines direct terms and conditions for warranty. 

Terms and Conditions Must Read

1.Wholesale Engines Direct terms and conditions are simple and straight forward. Easy to follow and important in making sure your warranty is valid. 


2. All Used parts come with a standard 180-day warranty. For a return of part, if there is a mechanical failure or an incorrect part is shipped we pay all shipping back to us and the shipping to send another part to you.  We reserve the right to repair or replace a part. If we cannot get another part to you, or if you were not satisfied with the service you can request a refund at any time. If an order is canceled and the part has shipped your refund will be minus shipping and 25 percent restock. If the part is returned and no replacement is needed or wanted, then shipping and processing and restock also apply. As long as we can repair or replace the part you do not have to pay shipping costs or replacement costs. Used engines must have a new water pump installed to validate the warranty. Used engines are sold as a long block assembly nothing else is warrantied besides the long block (heads block all internals) unless the salesman says otherwise. If applicable transmissions must have a filter replaced, and have a transmission flush done prior to installation, A new transmission cooler must be installed where it applies. All Receipts must be printed and time stamped. No hand-written Receipts accepted. 


3. You can cancel an order at any time, for any reason, and as long as the part has not shipped you will receive a full refund. If however, you cancel an order while in mid shipment, or for any other reason that does not directly relate to a failure of the part you will be refunded minus shipping and restock. 


4. All new or remanufactured engines come with a full gasket kit, with timing and the water pump installed where applicable. Just like with a used engine a new water pump must be installed. Transmissions that are new or remanufactured need only a new filter (when called for) and new fluid. All receipts will be needed if there is a warranty claim. 


5.  Wholesale engines direct, at is its option, can either choose to repair or replace the defective unit. No warranty is covered on any attached accessories and parts such as manifolds, carburetor, distributor, alternator, starter, water pump, thermostat, clutch, flywheel, timing belt of a belt-driving engine and all seals etc. Used Transmissions: Electrical switches, wiring system, shifting linkage and torque converter are not guaranteed. Unless otherwise specified.


6. Used Modules are guaranteed to be correct as ordered and only have a 30-day replacement warranty. We strongly advise against putting a used module in your vehicle, as sometimes with electronic problems using a used part might make things worse.  Programming is not guaranteed on used module, but it is guaranteed that the module is unlocked and can be programmed at a dealer, or with the correct programming tool. 


7. Due to the materials and composition of power train (engine, transmission, transfer case) components, we do not warranty against surface rust that may accrue over time, as long as it does not affect the overall performance of the product sold. There is reasonable expectation that surface rust will form no matter if the product is stored on a shelf or left in the donor vehicle until the time of sale.


8.Installation of engine requires tune-up including, but not limited to: plugs, ignition wires, timing belts, gaskets etc.


9. Engines are left as complete as possible for the convenience of the installer. This warranty does not cover attached items and accessories such as (and not limited to) water pump, fuel pump, throttle body, coils, distributor, etc. It covers the long block assembly unless otherwise stated on your receipt.






12. All remanufactured parts are subject to the remanufacturers warranty that will be sent with the part. it is the purchasers responsibility to obtain these instructions if they are missing and not received in shipping and all remanufacturer warranty terms and conditions apply. 


13. All warranties will be void if defective part is removed from vehicle without Wholesale Engines Direct authorization. If a replacement part is sent then we must pick up the defective part before a replacement will be sent. We cannot have two parts out at the same time and will need to pick up the bad part before a new part can be sent. 


14. If there is a problem with an engine or transmission that causes the customer to question if the engine or transmission is good and they install it anyways without contacting Wholesale Engines Direct. Warranty is void. For example, black transmission fluid, broken or otherwise damaged parts, metal in the oil pans of transmissions or engines, engine not being able to be turned. If anyone of these things and other damage not listed here is present in your engine or transmission, and you install it anyways without contacting Wholesale Engines Direct then your warranty is void as we cannot be sure that damage was not due to customer error.


15. All parts must be installed within 30 days of purchase and receipts must be kept and time stamped within 30 days of the customer receiving their part.  If more time is needed call and speak to your salesman about extending your install time, we are always willing to work with if possible, if part is not installed within 30 days or if the receipts are not time stamped within 30 days and more time has not been requested, your warranty is void.  


16. Core returns. Cores must be rebuildable if a core is returned and it cannot be rebuilt then core deposit is nonrefundable. If you do not let us pick a core up within 30 days, we will void the warranty and attempt to charge the customer the full price of the core. All core charges are explained when the part is bought. If no core is discussed, then core does not need to be returned.  


17. Rotary engines with turbo are sold as is with a startup warranty only, after engine is received and installed the warranty period ends. As is warranties only apply to certain engines and will be listed on the receipt. 

Shipping Guidelines

We at Wholesale engines direct understand that shipping time is one of the most important things to our customers. On almost any part used, new, or remanufactured shipping time is in between 3-5 days in the continental U.S. 

Sometimes shipping may take longer, mostly on some remanufactured parts such as engines, and transmissions.  If your part is going to take longer than 3-5 business days we will let you know at the time of sale. Having parts available is an important guideline for us, so we can get the part out as quickly as possible to you the customer and we will work with customers in whatever way needed to get them the best part for the best price quicker than any comparable competition.  

Payment Processing